Our Mission

For XTuit, it’s all about patients, and they always come first. That’s why we‘re striving for cures for people living with cancer and fibrotic diseases by developing innovative, microenvironment-targeted therapeutics.


XTuit is pursuing therapies for people living with cancers and fibrotic diseases, and we are more than a company producing important breakthrough medicines. Using our proprietary drug delivery platform and integrated biomarker approach, our scientists are making novel discoveries about the microenvironment and exploring new drug targets. We aim to improve the speed and success rate of drug development and envision revolutionary treatments that will transform patients’ lives.


Innovative people are the heart of XTuit. Pioneering science doesn’t just happen. Our creative and hard-working team members make it happen. All of our employees share the desire to make breakthroughs for people with cancers and fibroses. These are the values that drive us.


From our earliest research to the delivery of a new therapy, transforming patients' lives is our focus.


We solve the challenges – whether they are in understanding the disease biology, crafting a medicine or getting it to physicians and patients fast.


We do the right thing. We are rigorous in the data we generate and trust, we speak truth boldly both inside and outside our organization, and above all we stand for our patients.


Each person is valued for the skills and experience they bring. Great ideas can come from anywhere in our team. Our diverse viewpoints make for better solutions.


We work hard and we don’t give up.


It’s the foundation that makes every day exciting!


Innovative people are the heart of XTuit. Pioneering science doesn’t just happen. Our creative and hard-working team members make it happen. All of our employees share the desire to make breakthroughs for people with cancers and fibroses. These are the values that drive us.

Voices of Xtuit

The environment here is so energetic, I constantly find myself dancing around the lab between experiments.

We have a strong sense of community here at XTuit. I’m proud to work with an amazing team of individuals who are passionate about their work and are truly kind.

I really appreciate that XTuit integrates co-ops into crucial roles and shows transparency in what goes on company-wide.

Everyone here is so motivated by a common goal that makes everyone work so hard. It’s such a nice place to be when everyone you’re working with has such a similar mindset. People truly care about the science.

Very proud to be part of a great team that have some of the brightest scientific minds and finest people on earth.

We have GREAT potential with a novel platform, but we have fun outside the lab too!

We have a really diverse staff that offers a lot. We have people from all different backgrounds of research and all different parts of the world and each person brings a new perspective that helps to reach that company goal.

I am so proud of everyone’s dedication and the potential we have to really bring something to the table that can make people’s lives better. We truly have the chance to improve the quality of life for cancer patients in a variety of different instances.

If we didn’t believe in the potential we wouldn’t be so excited. The fact that everyone is so proud in their roles makes coming in every day worth the challenge.

The science and platform we are working with is very innovative. We are taking a novel approach to oncology and fibrosis based on normalization of diseased microenvironment. This is an extremely exciting field of work with great potential to deliver new medicine, something I am very proud to be a part of.

I think our delivery vehicles really have the potential to revolutionize microenvironment modification as well as fibrotic modifications and really make a difference. What we are doing here will ultimately have a great impact on treatments and therapy.

Not many college students can say they get to work alongside people as bright, driven, and passionate as the employees at XTuit. You know you have found a unique company when you are granted the privilege to sit down and have coffee with the CEO and present your research weekly to the lead scientific team.

I like working on novel treatment approaches and getting exciting insights into disease’s biology with a team of dedicated people passionate about their work.

Our work as co-ops is truly valued throughout the company. Everyone here is so willing to pass along their knowledge so that we can all contribute to XTuit’s overall goal.

This is my first co-op and I really love how everyone here is willing to help me learn and feel comfortable; even if they aren’t in my department. They are all so smart and have really helped broaden my horizon. I really love and enjoy this community.

Throughout organization, we are committed to quality from the earliest stages of development. It’s great to see that support from everyone regardless of job function. Everyone is an expert in their own role and also supportive of everyone else. That makes XTuit special.

The best part of my day is the fact that everybody is willing to do what it takes to get the job done. I am excited to come to Xtuit today because I like working with these people. They are my friends and my colleagues and that’s an amazing combination.

The people who work here have tremendous experience in their fields and are extremely passionate about what they do. Their willingness to share their knowledge and the amount of dedication they have to treating cancer and fibrosis are why I love working at XTuit.

When you are here, you feel everyone’s contribution. There is no one here just doing busy work. Everyone is making a difference, and everyone has a purpose each day.

This is a hard working culture but it is a lot of fun. It is very cordial and everybody is very friendly to each other. There are no big egos or competition, just team work ethic.

Every day at XTuit I look forward to encountering new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. The sense of community at XTuit is delightful and one of the reasons why I am fired up to come in every day.

Working with individuals who are so genuinely passionate about what they are doing and are so willing to help you better understand the research and contribute to the betterment of the lives of those with cancer and fibrosis makes coming to work every day exciting and an absolute pleasure. The energy here is infectious.

We get the tremendous support from the leadership team members every day. They really spend time with us to teach, coach and help us so that we can achieve the goals as a team.

What I find amazing about XTuit’s culture is the collaboration and support our colleagues have for each other. XTuit’s senior leadership team is always engaged and willing to lend a hand when needed, and always emphasizes that each employee plays a vital role in XTuit’s path to success.


At XTuit, we are always one team with one mission.

XTuit has the critical elements for success – innovative science and technology, talented employees, world-renowned founders, and established investors. What makes us special is our unique culture.

We have a team-oriented environment that encourages collaboration and honors team accomplishments. Everyone has a voice at XTuit because we believe that communication is key to success.

At XTuit, each employee contributes to the company mission with their unique experiences, ideas, and skills. We have a wide range of talents here at XTuit, from employees who have dedicated most of their working life to oncology at world-class institutes like Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital and MD Anderson Cancer Center, to our co-ops, who are just entering the industry but still bring passion and a desire for knowledge to the office every single day. With the contribution from each member, the mission will be possible.

Join the Team
Current Opportunities

XTuit is a growing startup with a great mission and a group of passionate scientists and engineers.  We work hard, and we have fun doing it.

We need talented, driven people who care about what we do.  We want to hire individuals who will grow with us.  But that is not enough.  We need something more.  We need someone who takes ownership and responsibility for their role in the company and is an amazing team player.

We are currently welcoming new members who can excel in the following positions as a member of our great team.