Altered Microenvironment In
Cancer and Fibrosis

Tumors and fibrotic disorders evade traditional therapies by changing the microenvironment, or stroma, in the diseased area. These changes result in hypoxia, increased local pressure, decreased drug uptake, and impaired immune response. Our therapies have the potential to normalize the stroma, reversing fibrosis and amplifying the impact of cancer therapies.



For XTuit, it’s all about patients, and they always come first. That’s why we’re striving for cures for people living with cancer and fibrotic diseases by developing innovative, microenvironment-targeted therapeutics.

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Through a deep understanding of the biology of the microenvironment and how its dysregulation drives fibrotic diseases and certain cancers, we develop novel, specifically directed therapies that change outcomes for patients.

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Leadership Team

Jannik N. Andersen, Ph.D.

Vice President, Drug Discovery

I am driven by an urgency to help patients through scientific innovation. Hence, joining XTuit was an easy decision for me. I continue to be motivated by the enthusiasm and hard work of my colleagues as we all share a profound commitment to drug development.

Jannik has multidisciplinary background in engineering and human biology. He has spent his professional career working in drug discovery and development in pharma (Novo Nordisk & Merck) and at leading university hospitals (Dana Farber and MD Anderson Cancer Center) focusing on translating scientific discoveries into novel therapies.

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Don Chickering, Ph.D.

SVP Technical Operations

I am a hands-on engineer and I love what we do at XTuit.  I have a blast solving problems, creating new technology, and working closely with amazing people.

Don has a background in biomedical engineering and medical science.  He has spent his professional career in start-up companies building teams, developing formulations, and scaling processes for particle-based polymer drug delivery systems.

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Peter Blume-Jensen, M.D., Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

I am passionate about translating basic academic findings into important clinical advances addressing big unmet medical needs. This involves hiring outstanding people, leading cohesive teams, and integrating data-driven, non-compromising rigorous science towards that goal.

Over 25 years of expertise in developing targeted oncology therapeutics, predictive biomarkers, and clinical trial design. Established and led the entire basic and clinical development through launch of a novel prostate cancer test. Former CSO of Metamark Genetics, and executive R&D leadership roles at Daiichi Sankyo, Merck and Co., and Serono. M.D. From Copenhagen, Denmark, Ph.D. from Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Uppsala, Sweden, and Post-Doc from The Salk Instiute, La Jolla, CA.

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Edward Freedman

Chief Financial Officer

I am inspired every day by my colleagues at XTuit who work together with a common passion for discovering medicines to make people’s lives better.

More than 20 years of leadership experience directing finance, legal, operations and human capital activities in companies across multiple industries including biotechnology, clean technology and venture capital.

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Deborah Dunsire, M.D.

CEO and President

I am passionate about working every day on treatments that can transform the outcomes for patients, enabling them to enjoy their lives more fully. Working together with an outstanding team to get that done is exhilarating. Great companies are built on this foundation of an exceptional team, who are passionate about achieving bold goals.

Over 25 years of experience developing and commercializing transformational therapies for patients with cancer as well as immune, neurologic, dermatologic and endocrine diseases Former CEO of Millennium and FORUM Pharmaceuticals. Established and led Novartis Oncology in North America. Born in Zimbabwe and trained as a physician in South Africa.

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Open Positions

XTuit is a growing startup with a great mission and a group of passionate scientists and engineers. We work hard, and we have fun doing it. We need talented, driven people who care about what we do. We want to hire individuals who will grow with us. But that is not enough. We need something more. We need someone who takes ownership and responsibility for their role in the company and is an amazing team player.


At XTuit, we are always one team with one mission. We have a team-oriented environment that encourages collaboration and honors team accomplishments. Everyone has a voice at XTuit because we believe that communication is key to success.

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